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Superconductivity Innovations works on the cutting-edge of Scientific Advancement and Discovery effectively utilizing and implementing new found knowledge in practical applications through our Research and Development Services.

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R&D Services

Our Research and Development services programs are based on an evolutionary process, and regardless of where you are today, we can fit you into our program.

- Energy Conservation Survey – Assessment of Power Losses in Electrical Systems and Manufacturing Processes, Feasibility and Cost Analysis - Superconductor Device Applications – Process and Electric Distribution energy saving enhancements with superconducting machines and cables - Smart Grid Advancement – Conversion of Antiquated Equipment to Intelligent Electronic Devices to enable Demand Response for more efficient and reliable electricity - Renewable/Distributed Energy Sources – Wind Power, Solar Power, Thermal Energy Conversion and Energy Storage - Analyses of Transformation – Automatic Protection and Control Performance, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Transient Stability - Research Laboratory – Design, Experimentation, Simulated Testing and Prototype Testing -