Our Expertise


Quality Assurance

Superconductivity Innovations is committed to achieving the highest standards of quality in all our products, surpassing all others. SI takes appropriate measures to ensure a level of quality that fully complies with our standards and our customers' requirements for performing Scientific Research and Development and to cause perfection to be engineered into our operations and our products.

At SI, KEPNER/TREGOE is utilized to ensure the highest quality of research and development in the most productive environment.


Superconductivity Innovations works on the cutting-edge of Scientific Advancement and Discovery, effectively utilizing and implementing new-found knowledge in practical applications through our Research and Development Services; with expertise in the following areas:

  • Applications of Superconductors (SC)
  • Distributed Energy System Platforms (DESP)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Energy Smart / Energy Field Analysis
  • Nuclear and Plasma Sciences
  • Quantum Field Theory
Close-up shot of Scientific Microscope in a Bright Modern Laboratory.
Electromagnetic field nuclear radioactive core, fractal background

R&D Services

Our Research and Development services programs are based on an evolutionary process, and regardless of where you are today, we can fit you into our program. Services include:

  • Merit Assessment – Survey of Components, Systems and Processes, Feasibility and Cost Analysis
  • Superconductor Device Applications – Process and Electric Power System resilient energy enhancements with integrated High-Performance SC Machines and SC Transformers
  • Energy Smart – Autonomous enabled system control design for more effective and reliable electricity
  • Distributed Energy System Platforms – Expertise in Energy Conversion, Storage, and Transmission
  • Analysis of Components – Device Protection and Performance, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Transient and Resiliency Studies
  • Research Laboratory – Design, Experimentation, Simulated Testing, and Prototype Assembly and Testing